Learn Safari is an EdTech startup dedicated to the democratization of education. Our mission is to teach every child in the world a second language. 

Our Team Leaders

Tanvir Chowdhury

founder / CEO

Tanvir is the founder and CEO of Learn Safari. Growing up, he lived in multiple countries and was raised in a bilingual household. He’s been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 7, when he created his first business trading Pokémon cards. Tanvir is passionate about education, technology and entrepreneurship and decided to combine them together to found Learn Safari.


andrea Vela

COO / Head of Design

Andrea has a degree in Mass Media Communication, but her passion for learning has made her a self taught illustrator, graphic designer, speaker of 3 languages and an excellent operator. Andrea stumbled into the game development industry with a little help from her friends and shortly thereafter, she joined the Learn Safari team as Head of Design and later Chief Operational Officer.


Keli García Allen

Teacher / Head of Content

Keli has been teaching Spanish to children from preschool to high school levels throughout her career. She is a graduate from the University of Florida with a BA in History and an MA in Latin American Studies. Keli is Learn Safari’s Head of Content and continues her journey of teaching and exploring languages with her husband and their two beautiful girls.


Germain Ramos

Head of development

Germain is a self taught programmer who is passionate about problem solving and technology. His love of video games also gave him the opportunity to learn a second language, and he took it. Because of this, he believes games are much more than just entertainment and wants to share this with the world. His focus and skills helped him rise through the ranks to Head of Development in the Learn Safari team.