Turkey, Gator Tail and Arepas: A Real Thanksgiving Feast

Turkey, Gator Tail and Arepas: A Real Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is one of our most important holidays. Families all over the country come together to celebrate, give thanks, eat and more than likely watch football. People of all kinds of races, religions and ethnic backgrounds participate. Even first generation immigrants get behind this most (North) American tradition. The history of thanksgiving can get a little murky and even a little ugly, but the truth about thanksgiving is much more than simply turkey and pumpkin pie.

Introducing the Class of 2031: Are You Ready for the Future?

I may be a little late, but, happy new school year! I am finally getting into the swing of things. I know both parents and teachers can relate! This year, I am very excited because I am teaching a combined VPK (voluntary Pre K) and Kindergarten class. It’s great to be able to grow with my students and the gains that I see them making inspire me to no end.  

Great Activities for Children Learning Spanish

If you are on a journey to raise your children bilingually, then you know how much work it actually entails. And if you’re just beginning, I am by no means trying to dissuade you or trying to bring you down! The work and effort is totally worth it and fortunately, there are high-quality programs, books, games and ideas that will help you on this journey.