The Best Language Learning Apps for Kids

I like the bilingual aspect of it and I like that you repeat the sentences to emphasize understanding of the motion. I also liked the game, it looks great!
— Aileen P., Bilingual Parent
It is super easy to use and she loves that it is both in English and Spanish so my daughter is not confused when they talk to her.
— Cynthia L., Bilingual parent
We’ve been playing it for a few weeks now and even though we’ve done the same level over and over, this morning she asked me again to play it because “it’s my favorite.”
— Lisa M., Child Therapist
Overall I found it super easy and clear to use, and definitely plan to introduce it to my 3 year old niece! (...) I really thought it was a smooth, informational, fun and educational app!
— Amanda B., Mimosa Monday Mom

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